MICS refurbish 2nd Hand Machinery Like Main Engine Parts, Generator parts, Turbo & Parts Automation - Graviners, Governors, Pneumatic Valves, Man Hovering Control Systems, Hydraulic Pumps & Motors, Liferafts

About Us

MICS is global leader in New & Recondition Ships Machinery, By emphasizing technological innovation and total efficient team M.I.C.S minimizes the price & economic performance of recondition of Machines for ships.

In 2012, M.I.C.S has entered as global player in recondition of every kind of machinery with approximately 22 employees supplying  nearly 24 countries Owners & Traders.

Settled in Hub of World Largest Ship Breaking yard we are stocking & sourcing all kind of Ship related equipments. With team of Engineers & with Strategic Business Units , from Navigation to Propulsion Engines  we are today servicing & supplying  complete systems in Marine Industries, today M.I.C.S is one of the world’s leading stockiest & suppliers to Ship Owners & Industries in its various fields.

Our technical of Engineers are 24 x 7 x 365 online for any kind of emergency requirements.

We take great care to maintain a high quality in the industrial equipment and marine parts we supply &  service, we offer at competitive price. MICS has implemented an approved and certified ISO9001 – Quality Management System